Spare Car Keys and Remotes


Canadian Locksmiths can supply, cut and program spare car keys, keyless remotes and fobs for your car right at your home or work in both Windsor and Essex County. You don’t need to make an appointment with the dealer and sit in their waiting room. Just give us a call and tell us you need a copy of my car key and you can sit within the comfort of your own home to have the job done. We know you are busy and time is money so Canadian Locksmiths also offers our spare key duplicating service at your place of work. Canadian Locksmiths will come to your pace of work and can meet you at lunch or during a break. You will have a spare key cut, duplicated and programmed at your car so you can get back to work and not waste your valuable time and they always come with a 90 day warranty.


The peace of mind knowing you have a spare key just in case you lose a key is priceless. Once you lose all your keys then it’s too late. A job that would have cost a nominal fee could now be double or triple the price. Call Canadian Locksmiths before you lose all your car keys, you could be saving hundreds of dollars. It’s also important to remember if you lease a car you signed a contract with the dealer. That contract states that if you don’t return the car back with all the keys and remotes you were given they will charge you a hefty penalty. Canadian Locksmiths onsite spare car key cutting service could be less then the dealers penalty and less then most key cutting shops. The advantage of us coming to your car is that we can also test the car key to make sure it works so you don’t waste your time going back and forth testing the key. Our car key cutting and duplicating service covers all of Windsor and surrounding areas.


The great convenience and invention of the car remote cannot be underestimated. The luxury of using the auto start in the dark cold Windsor winters and blazing summer is priceless. If your car came from the factory with an autostart remote option we can supply and program spare remotes for you. When your hands are full of groceries, the great convenience of the trunk button on your car remote is invaluable. When you are carrying your baby, being able to unlock the rear door without having to put anything down is worth it.


Some car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen cannot give you a spare key the same day, the next day or even the same week. You are required to bring paperwork to the BMW dealer, Mercedes Benz dealer or VW dealer in Windsor and order a spare remote fob. They then place the order and the new replacement remote fob could take over a week to arrive and you may still need to bring the car to the dealer to have it programmed. Canadian Locksmiths can come to your BMW, Mercedes Benz and VW and we offer a mobile service covering all of Windsor and Essex County.


All of the remotes, keys, fobs supplied and programmed by Canadian Locksmiths comes with a 90 day warranty. Within that 90 day if your remote, key or fob stops working because of manufacturers defects we will replace it for you. Some Conditions Apply


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