Car Key, Remote and Ignition Repair


Repair Broken Keys, Remotes and Ignitions

If you have a broken key, keyless remote or fob we can help you onsite with our mobile shop anywhere in Windsor and Essex County. If you’re looking for the nearest locksmith or a locksmith nearby for emergency service give us a call. You could have dropped your car keys into the pool or your dog may have chewed on your keyless remote. Canadian Locksmiths has heard it all and are prepared with state of the art equipment and a van full of stock to help you out. In most cases we can repair the broken parts with a new key shell or blade. But in the worst cases we stock replacement parts to supply cut and program a brand new key, remote or fob for you onsite. If you need a key repaired, no need to call around just give Canadian Locksmiths a call and we promise to give you the best service with the highest quality in material, and all our stock comes with a 90 day warranty. The dealer won’t sell you any key or keyless remote parts. But when you call Canadian Locksmiths we can either repair the broken part or replace it completely. Bent or broken transponder chip key, no problem. Even if your missing a part of the key we can help you out. Just give us a call with the year, make and model and we can give you an accurate quote over the phone for either repairing the key or replacing it. You will pay a flat fee with no extra hidden charges.


Canadian Locksmiths not only cuts car keys but we also repair ignitions lock cylinders in Windsor and Essex County. We receive calls all the time about people who say my car key just stopped turning in my ignition. Or my keys are jammed in the ignition lock cylinder and won’t come out or turn on. You could tow your car to the dealer and wait days for parts or you could call Canadian Locksmiths because we are always nearby. There are several reasons why your ignition cylinder lock stops working. The most common reason is the ignition cylinder is worn out. The symptoms of a worn ignition cylinder lock is that the key slowly gets worse over time. You start to notice that each time you try to start the car you need to jiggle and wiggle the key more and more. Overs years of use the brass tumblers, springs and pins start to wear down. Combine that with a heavy key ring with too many keys this can prematurely wear out your ignition cylinder lock. The simplest solution and most cost effective is to just have Canadian Locksmiths replace the tumblers, pins and springs and rebuild your ignition cylinder lock. The advantage of this is that you can use the same key as before, so you won’t need to get all new keys cut or have a different key for the door and ignition. The second most common issue is manufacturer’s defects. There are some cars that are notorious for just one day not working. They just completely stop working no matter how much you jiggle, wiggle, oil or or tap on the key. In these situations the only permanent solution is for us to remove the old ignition and install an new one which includes a 90 day warranty. Putting the wrong key in the ignition cylinder lock could also damage or bend a tumbler, spring or pin in the cylinder. So even if you try the correct key it might not work.


When your keyless remote stops working it could one of several reason. The most common is that the battery in the remote has died. This is identified by none of the remotes working at all. Simply pry apart the remote and replace the battery. The second reason is that the pads or buttons on the keyless remote have worn out. This symptom is that some of the buttons on the keyless remote work but others don’t work at all or work intermittently. In this case depending on the year, make and model of the car we may have replacement parts if not we can always supply and program a new one with a 90 day warranty. The final symptom is the remote is broken or has water damage. Trying to resolder or repair this type of damage is not cost effective or reliable. You might get it to work temporarily but it will fail again.   


All of the remotes, keys, fobs supplied and programmed by Canadian Locksmiths comes with a 90 day warranty. Within that 90 day if your remote, key or fob stops working because of manufacturers defects we will replace it for you. Some Conditions Apply


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