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Cheap Lost & Stolen Car keys Replacement

Canadian Locksmiths

Canadian Locksmiths of Windsor, Ontario specializes in car keys, keyless remotes, spare keys, lost keys and fobs. Our mobile shop on wheels services Windsor and Essex County. Our locksmiths are bonded & insured for your safety. In most cases we can offer same day mobile service covering all of Windsor and Essex County. Canadian Locksmiths is a family owned and operated business that has a combined 50 years of experience in the automotive locksmith field. We were established in Windsor, Ontario in 1989 and have been serving Windsor and Essex County for 30 years. Our mobile shop will come to your home or place of work for any car lock and key lock smith service. When you search for the closest locksmith or a locksmith near me, look no further because our shop comes to your car anywhere in Windsor and Essex County. No need to drive to a shop to get a car spare key cut or get your car towed to the dealer when you have lost your only car key, we are always nearby. We are grateful for the thousands of customers over the past 30 years that have chosen Canadian Locksmiths for their keyless remote, ignition lock, computer chipped and lost key replacement cutting needs. You can trust our bonded, certified and insured servicemen to provide the highest quality of work at a reasonable price. Canadian Locksmiths has invested in state of the art key cutting equipment, key programming tools and is stocked with car keys and remotes for both foreign and domestic automobiles. Our training and equipment allows us to not only provide the same level of service as the dealer but in most cases for less and faster.

Canadian Locksmiths | Cheap Lost & Stolen Car keys Replacement

Automotive Car Keys

Whether it’s a simple spare car key cutting or something as complicated as a push-to-start proximity keyless remote, we can do it all for up to 50% less than the dealer. Losing your car key is very stressful and time consuming experience. When you call Canadian Locksmiths to have lost keys replaced we can relieve your stress by coming to your car and save you time by getting you back on the road fast. All modern cars on the road use some sort of transponder security coded chipped key. The advantage of this system is it decreases the chance of you car getting stolen. But the disadvantage is that if you need a lost key replacement service from the dealer it could be very costly. This is why Canadian Locksmiths has specialized in cutting and programming spare car keys and provides lost key replacement service that always includes a 90 day warranty. You don’t have to chose the closest locksmith to you because we come to your car and are always nearby. Our state of the art equipment allows us to provide some services that not even the dealer can do. Some dealers may tell you that they have to replace all the locks on the car or say that your computer needs to be changed. But we have solutions that are more economical and can be done in a timely fashion. Car keys are our specialty, which means if you need a spare key, lost all you keys or need a remote we can help. Canadian Locksmiths can cut supply and program more automotive keys and remotes then any other locksmith in Windsor and Essex County. Not only can we in most cases beat the dealer price but we come to you onsite to your car in our mobile shop on wheels. Which means you don’t have to pay for a tow to the dealer and waits days for a lost key replacement service. When you have lost your only car key, don’t call the dealer call Canadian Locksmiths for a free estimate.


Cut and Program Spare Car Keys

Most modern day cars use some sort of security system to prevent car theft. This system is often referred to as an immobilizer system. The immobiliser system in the car communicates wirelessly to your coded key, fob or keyless remote. If the communication between the car and key are successful it will allow the car to be started. So when you need a spare key cut for your car not only does the key need to be cut but the new key needs to be coded into the memory of the car. Canadian Locksmith provides the service of both key cutting to allow the key to turn in the ignition lock cylinder, door lock and trunk lock but more importantly we have tools to program the key to the car. The first method is for us to use our diagnostic computers to connect into your cars communication port also called the OBDII port. Canadian Locksmiths then uses the most modern locksmith programming and software tools to code the new key to the cars computer. Sometimes this communication requires a pin code, skim code or pass code to gain access. But no worries Canadian Locksmiths has the tools to extract this pincode, skimcode or passcode to program the spare car key. Once we have established the communication we can instruct the car to code the new cut key to its memory. In some cases we can also use our key programming tools to erase old keys from it memory at the customer’s request. Another method Canadian Locksmiths has to add spare car keys to the vehicle is called cloning. Each car key carries its own unique coded identification number. This electronic coded information on the key is stored on the cars immobiliser system. Canadian Locksmiths can use a tool called a key cloner that can decode and read this unique coded identification number from your original working car key. We can then copy that coded identification number and write it to a blank chipped key. The car will read the coded copied key, recognized the coded identification number and allow the immobiliser system to start the car. This method in most cases doesn’t even require us need the car and they always includes a 90 day warranty.

Replacement, Lost and Stolen Car Keys

The stress and inconvenience related to losing your only car key or having stolen car keys replaced is immeasurable. You could try searching for a locksmith nearby but not all locksmiths in Windsor do replacement lost and stolen car keys. Especially a locksmith that will come to your home, work or parking lot in Windsor and Essex County. If your at work and your car keys have been stolen or lost we can come to you and get you back on the road. If you’re lucky enough to be at home and you need a lost key replacement service you are fortunate that you can stay within the comfort of your home while we work on your car. But if you have the misfortune of being out on the road, at the mall or just visiting, Canadian Locksmiths can still come to you to replace your lost or stolen keys and keyless remotes and they always includes a 90 day warranty. There is never a convenient time or place to have your car keys stolen, but no matter where you are in Windsor or Essex County we can come to you. It all starts will a simple phone call, text or even an email to contact us. Canadian Locksmiths will give you an upfront cost with no hidden fees. When the job is completed you will never pay more than the price quoted, never. Trust Canadian Locksmiths 30 years of service in Windsor and Essex County and read some of our reviews from other satisfied customers. Just tell us what year, make and model your car is and you will get a prompt free estimate. We won’t give you the runaround of an approximate price or say the price starts at, you will get an exact quote with no hidden fees and when the job is completed you will never be charged extra. Canadian Locksmiths is aways nearby because we don’t have a shop, we are a shop on wheels. Just call and pick a place and time to meet at your car. The lost or stolen car key replacement process can sometime take as little as 15 minutes in most cases. This prompt service is not because it’s and easy job its because Canadian Locksmiths invests in the best locksmith programming and key cutting tools on the market to get the job done as soon as possible. In most cases we can cut lost and stolen car keys faster than the dealer, because that’s all we do. The lost car key process will start with us first unlocking the car with no damage of course. After the door is open we will then cut a replacement key for the car with no damage of course. We then move to the ignition lock cylinder and start the key programming procedure, again with no drilling or damage of course. Its doesn’t matter if its a simple transponder chipped key or something as complicated a push to start keyless coded system we have the stock, tools and equipment in our van to handle that. When we are done the car will be in the absolute same condition as before we arrived, other then having a new replacement car key in your hand.


All of the remotes, keys, fobs supplied and programmed by Canadian Locksmiths comes with a 90 day warranty. Within that 90 day if your remote, key or fob stops working because of manufacturers defects we will replace it for you. Some Conditions Apply



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